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"If you smile at me, you know I will understand, 'cos that is something everybody, everywhere, does in the same language"

Jefferson Airplane

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A Letter From China
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Infrequent, irreverent, and irrelevant snapshots of daily life in China. An expats view of life in modern Canton.

Computer Keyboards

  How well do you know your input device, or what all the keys are actually for?
What would you like it to do?
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Six Days in Siam

A short story about the stupidity of the Orient, as seen through the eyes of the Occident.
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15th July 2017
Goodreads Giveaway is but days away. Enter to win a free and delivered copy of Conspiracy Theory printed book. The winner will receive a signed copy. Why not enter, you have nothing to lose.

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The Guardian and the Gatekeeper by John         Morris

The Guardian and the Gatekeeper

by John Morris

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7th June 2017
This proved to be an expensive few days, as I sent copies of my books to Gardners books with catalogue and cover letter. They are the largest UK wholesalers of books, both in print and EPUB formats. I am quietly confident, but not expectant of being listed as a publisher with them. These things take time. Gardners are the doorway to Waterstones you understand, but only for publishers.

If I am rejected, I will apply again, adding Carla's books to the Autumn Catalogue, after having also joined The Publishers Association in the meantime. It is all related in book circles.

I have also sent off print books to certain journalists who I feel may take an interest in Domicile. It will be interesting to see what comes of that.

3rd June 2017
Carla Acheson joined Charlotte Greene this week, and is warmly welcomed to our pool of authors. She is a successful author I deeply respect. Having created a Publisher - Author contract, I have since furnished her with six ISBN's, and uploaded her information to Nielsen, who list all books in print for the Trade.

We have been working together to maximise the potential of Charlotte Greene, and make it attractive to other self-publishing authors. She has created a Facebook page for me, as I cannot connect from China = Banned. We are listed under 'Charlotte Greene Publishing' or '@CGPublishingServices', whichever works for you.

The last week has been dedicated to updating the Charlotte Greene website, which is now up and running in its new format.

21st May 2017
This website is now virtually updated, and all seven books are listed via the catalogue page, and have one dedicated page each. These pages have a Look Inside widget, plus buying options and more.

19th May 2017
This website is currently being updated and will take a couple of days to complete. The major change is the addition of seven new pages, one for each book - all now published in both Print and eBook formats.

Each page offers a 'look inside' feature, so the reader can check out the first few chapters, and discover more about each book. The widget used also supplies buying options, although this remains a work in progress. Regardless, the main pages will soon be finished, and are live online, regardless of their state of completion.

None of these pages is as yet complete, it takes time to code, to make the images. And then out of nowhere, creativity strikes, so instead of resizing images, I am drawn to write a question and answer sequence, because it is good. So today, the bare bones. In a day or two, it will be finished. Please bear with me. Onwards!

I spent the entirety of January 2017 eradicating semi colons from my novels. I've also been reviewing content. It takes time.

11th March 2017
Today I released the first six books in both printed and Ebook forms, but only on Amazon so far. There is one book to go: Domicile, which has been a 'piece of work'. It is away with Susan for final polishing, and should be available within ten days.

I apologise, if I appear to be slow in updating this page, and others, but my XP computer's on-board graphics card died. I lost tools that work, making updating these pages easy. Instead I get a lot of needless hassle. XP will be fired up again, when I find a suitable card.

In the coming weeks, and before the end of March 2017, I should have seven novels available on all major and minor, western sales channels. Each is different, and has variations of parameters. So I'll take them one per day. I also have to send out physical books for review and hopefully acceptance by the Trade.

Talking of the Book Industry, their main selling period is Christmas. I am working for sales and promotion for nine month's time. It's weird. Trade first, both in UK and the U.S. My Book Catalogue is now available for dissemination in physical, printed form.

I'll follow with other online retailers: B & H Nook, Kobo, Lulu, Goodreads - the list appears seemingly endless. However, this is the perfect time of year to get my books into these markets, and with Trade supplier support, I'm still ahead of the clock.

The associated publisher website (Charlotte Greene) is complete, bar updating with the latest info, and confirming links. Something else for idle moments this month. There is a lot to being an independent publisher, but I'm on course to succeed. Oh, and I got my U.S. tax status with the IRS sorted already, so that's a bonus.


One of my greatest joys as a writer of fiction, is bringing imaginary characters to life. Sometimes what they say or do is very funny, or conversely, brings a tear to the eye. My characters have personalities and emotions, something I gladly share with the reader.

While typing their stories, I am inside the characters heads, and influencing how they as people develop over the course of the story. Some are quite hilarious, such as Da Phai Nai in Star Gazer. Others, like Bill in Fractured are likeable rogues, or Rosa, a motherly character from the same book, who is also a very clever businesswoman.

I also get a thrill when I manage to disguise a clue, which although in plain view, the reader is led to pass over without realising the significance. Fractured book two, Conspiracy Theory, is notable for this, although it features in all my writing.

Charlotte Greene

Image: Charlotte Greene logo - Click to Enlarge
Fiction book imprint designed for self-publishing authors who need a little help, say with editing or covers. This resource is also open to freelancers.

Charlotte Greene put the two in contact with each other.

Other Projects

Free resources and information for anyone unsure about China, especially Canton.
Carla Acheson Kindle Best Selling Author
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