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Image: Crossroads: John 'Jonno'  in Foshan - Click to Enlarge About My Team & I

"If you smile at me, you know I will understand, 'cos that is something everybody, everywhere, does in the same language"

Jefferson Airplane

Image text: John Morris

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Image: Jonno at one of his favourite restaurants in Foshan - click to enlarge
Islamic State: England
Image: Islamic State: England - click to enlarge
ISBN [Print] 9781910711101
ISBN [Epub] 9781910711118
Inner Sanctum
Image: A dystopian story seen through the eyes of the young girls who lived through hell
Conspiracy Theory
Image: April and Annaliese discover a plot to blow up the Presidency; can they prevent the destruction of America?
Star Gazer Trilogy Book 1
Image: Star Gazer Book 1 - The Gatekeeper and The Guardian
Star Gazer Trilogy Book 2
Image: Star Gazer Book 2 - The Twelve Tribes
Star Gazer Trilogy Book 3
Image: Star Gazer Book 3 - The Wrath of Gaia
Image: Domicile, One of the most deeply disturbing books ever written - Click to Enlarge

John Morris has stories to tell. His novels are absorbing fiction, which are intense and emotional at times, and funny at others. “I study the Human Species,” he relates. “I share this by writing a rainbow of human emotions. One minute the evocative words may make one cry, and the next, humour dispels the miasma. Good novels, like real life, are a question of balance, and drawing the reader in.”

After months of being given the run-around by dinosaurs of a prehistoric and nepotistic Publishing industry, Morris decided to do it all himself. He now self-publishes on his own fiction book Imprint: Charlotte Greene.

The aim of Charlotte Greene is to assist self-publishing authors, by putting them in contact with quality freelances who may provide say, editing services, or cover graphics.

Regards the publishing industry, Morris has this to say:
“In this day and age, why should anybody demand submission in printed format, double spaced, and in precise fonts? Get real. I have, and it’s called a computer. Charlotte Greene assists self-publishing authors. I had to learn how to do it, and now I am sharing my experience, and my team: Content Editors, Copy Editors, Cover and Graphic Design Artists, and website experts.

“I am also sharing my written words with readers, and feedback has been fantastic. I’m hungry to write more, and share with others life’s experiences. My books have several levels, but I love it best when I use words to hide a clue written in plain sight. That is Cristie-esque.”



John C. Morris [Jonno], has never accepted anything simply because it is the accepted ‘norm’. “Why?” is what he asks by return? “Whose ‘norm?’ Not mine, I am sure.

“What of your life—the one you are living right now; what do you believe in?”

Morris admits, “I have enjoyed so many different careers, and seen so much of the world in the process, they seem like separate lifetimes.

“I always wanted to be a folk/rock star, because I have always been driven to tell stories of peoples lives and loves, by writing lyrics. Whilst being very good at playing a 12-string acoustic guitar, I could not sing to save my life. Over time, I discovered I could write, teenage rebellion songs, poems and short stories first, and later novels.”

Born in England and living in China since 2004, Morris has held numerous positions, from operating his own business, to the ten years he spent as a police officer specializing in serious fraud, to entrepreneur and world trader, to writer. Early on, he qualified as Yacht Master for sailing vessels.

Married to a supportive (and long-suffering) Cantonese wife, their young daughter is now the light of his life; abstractly named, ‘Rhiannon’.

“Cantonese cannot pronounce the letter ‘R’”; he cast aside glibly, “So her full name is ‘Rhiannon Dorothea Morris’. You gotta love all those ‘rrr’ sounds; Heah! I am bad.”

Although he and his wife do not share a common language, they communicate exceptionally well. Morris writes about his cross-cultural experiences on his web site,


Susan is my content editor, and based in Maine. She is exceptionally gifted at picking the nits of my manuscripts, and asking me all the wrong questions, for all the right literary reasons. She checks spelling and typos of course, but her skill is to look at flow, continuity, and persecute me unmercifully for any repetition.

That is only the beginning! The easy stuff if you prefer. Susan is equally at ease with asking me questions about the deeper meanings of my work, and calling me out; and during this extended process, she has turned me into a novelist. Thank you Susan. I now understand grammar, and literacy, not necessarily the same thing. It has been a steep learning curve for me, but I am getting there—not perfect yet, but very close.

Image: Susan Dewey - Click to Enlarge
Read about Susan's intriguing life and projects here

We agree on most things, like the Oxford comma, but not everything. She is most supportive of my goals; like I am determined to 'split the infinitive'. This is a literary device that is a total no-no, unless it is perfect: "'To boldly go' where no man has gone before." Gene Roddenberry, one of few people I know to split the infinitive acceptably. That is a very big ask, but I actually managed something almost equally brilliant in SG-3 (Star Gazer book 3). Authors sometimes have these crazy obsessions, and although not really obsessed myself, I do look for any opportunity when I am writing.

Susan always keeps me on track, and spares no red ink;I now have to buy it by the barrel! Joking, but she is that good, and has my utter respect.



Lilia is from Texas, and is also a content editor, her expertise being for me, regards publishing. She is very capable at formatting books for publication, which at first appeared to be a complicated procedure. We first agree on which font face (Garamond, Tranus Pro, etc) and what font size for text, headings, and cover, plus any other text. The formatting is more complex for printed books, and she is my star.

She is also a graphic artist, and produced the covers for the first two books in the Fractured series. I intend to offer her the third cover also, but that may be one year or more into the future; I have much else to write first, and while the seeds for book three are already sown, it is not a priority, for now.

Image: Lilia Fabry - Click to Enlarge

Lilia also knows all about the actual publishing, referred to above. She knows the 'ins and outs' of producing an acceptable physical book cover, allowing for associated bleed (trim); and related minutia, such as ISBN and bar code placement. There is an awful lot to what she does, with such ease and accomplishment.


For more on her Ebook, POD, and other self publishing services, click here:

Lilia is also an accomplished actress, model, and writer. Her best selling novel, "Ordinance 93," is available on Amazon.



Boris hails from Serbia, and he is brilliant at advanced graphics, 3D rendering, and vector graphics. He is an artist who puts his heart and soul into his creations. We are currently working on Star Gazer, a mammoth project.

He is scheduled to produce the covers for the first trilogy over the coming months, and also render the 3D character graphics individually for those covers, and the associated, separate website: This new website should be operational early September 2015, although it will not be in its final evolution until months later. However, it will cover all main characters and supply back-story from date of publication.

During 2015, we also plan to produce a game that mirrors the trilogy and it's puzzles. We will extend this to offer a really good adventure game, and have already discussed the idea in some detail. Neither of us expect it to be available before late 2015, but you never know. Boris will do the character animations, I will write the story and puzzles for the game, and we will share the coding.

Image: Boris Junkovic - Click to Enlarge
See more of Boris' work here


Carol is from South Africa, although born and raised in Blighty; I knew her from way back when I was at school, and she was going to art college. She was the elder sister of one of my best friends, although we lost touch for many years.

When I caught up with her, I needed an artist for the cover of Domicile, and although busy with work, and later a medical problem, she offered her services, and the cover left is the result. It was hand-drawn, and redrawn many times, and later she learned PhotoShop to render it as layers. The process was most satisfying for both of us, and aided by her friend Estelle..



Many others have helped me along the way, and it would be unfair of me not to thank them for their assistance.

I worked closely with editors: Melissa Felton, Terri Dickerson, and Monica San Nicolas for some years; Rachael Park and Jocelyn at times.

Brian Byars produced the first Fractured cover, before I split it into two books. I was sorry to lose his services, and hope he is doing OK.

Last, but not least, are friends who volunteered to read my formative work, notably Ian Brown, Jim Bayliss and Mike Cheek - guys, what can I say except, "Sorry." I've come a long way since then, and hope you will forgive my first tentative ramblings.

My family: wife Siu Ying, and our daughter Rhiannon. They put up with my crazy working schedules and the sometimes seemingly mad world I inhabit when writing; one they cannot understand, but love me all the same.

I would also like to thank my many friends for their support and encouragement, especially when it all seemed to be too much.You know who you are, and there are too many to list.

Thank you all.

Other Projects

Free resources and information for anyone unsure about China, especially Canton.
A Letter From China
Image: Jonno and Siu Ying - Click to Enlarge
Infrequent, irreverent, and irrelevant snapshots of daily life in China. An expats view of life in modern Canton.

Computer Keyboards

  How well do you know your input device, or what all the keys are actually for?
What would you like it to do?
Read the letter here

Six Days in Siam

A short story about the stupidity of the Orient, as seen through the eyes of the Occident.
Read the story here

Favourite Quotations:

"Your smile is your biggest resource, use it generously."

George Orwell once said,
“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Billy Connolly added:
"In an uncertain world, it's good to know some things never change."
People see you the way you present yourself to them.
Angela Harrison
The Rule of the 3's
"Time, Space, & Action"
"What makes you think I'm so rich, that you can steal my heart, and it won't mean a thing?"
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Claire Rabe
"Love never keeps a man from pursuing his destiny. If he abandons that pursuit, its because it wasn't true love"
Paulo Coelho
"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"
Jack Morris
(my father) 
"Our goal is to discover that we have always been where we ought to be ... unhappily, we make the task exceedingly difficult for ourselves."
Aldous Huxley
"You only live once,
but if you do it right,
once is enough"

Mae West
How do you hurt somebody who has lost everything? Give them something back, broken.
R. F. Delderfield
"It is not life itself that is of paramount virtue, it is what you do with it of your own free will that counts."
Star Gazer Book Two
"Shared accountability is evasion of personal responsibility."
Star Gazer Book Three
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